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My Vision

My relational approach to therapy means that you'll leave our sessions feeling seen and heard. You'll gain insight into what can help you grow. With several different therapies and techniques in my toolbox, I tailor my approach to your needs. My approach is most often staged (has a beginning, middle and an end) and I measure our progress throughout, to ensure we're using the best-fit approach and making the most of your time. I work hard to ensure you'll leave feeling better and more resourced than when you first arrived. I meet my client's where they're at, and challenge you towards growth. Therapy can be hard, and a positive connection is integral to the success of your treatment—It’s necessary for you feel positively supported.


I am committed to a sensitive, inclusive and informed standard of practice, creating a safe place for uniqueness and individuality, including but not limited to differences of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability and status.


Read on, to learn more about the types of evidence-based therapies that I often use.

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