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Holistic, Integrative General Assessment and Therapy 

General mental health assessment and counselling psychology for a variety of presenting issues. I work with people of all ages in person and virtually during day time business hours.


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Eva Stordy (Borkenhagen)  [pronounced EE + vah]

Registered Psychologist #4372

I'm a second generation Canadian of German and Croatian decent, born and raised in Calgary.  I've been interested in helping people from a young age and have always been inspired by people's abilities to move through challenges, and discover their potential for growth.

My education consists of a Bachelors in Psychology from Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec (2009), and a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of Lethbridge (2013).

My practicums and residencies were at Lethbridge Family Services and the Calgary Counselling Centre and I have been practicing as a psychologist since 2013.

I have worked for private practice agencies, community agencies, school boards, non-profits, and benefit program providers. 

I am married with two young children. I enjoy yoga, the outdoors, spending time with animals, exercising, horseback riding and creative hobbies.

To learn more about how I can help, click here.

Eva's head shot with fall colours and city scape in the background
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